Virtual Art Walk April 11th

2nd saturday virtual art walk

Grab your coffee, mimosa or beverage of choice and join us ONLINE on April 11th from 9am-9pm.

Many ArtWalk venues are participating and have links to ALL of their amazing art that is available online in their virtual galleries and exhibits.


Buy One Give One for our Healthcare Heroes

From St. Anthony’s, Bayfront & Tampa General to Palms of Pasadena & Manatee Memorial, our local health professionals could use our thanks and gratitude, but also we can offer them new, fun experiences for when we all get through this. To do our part we have come up with a way for you to help as well. With your purchase of any of our workshops(discounted 50% to $50/ea use coupon code


Local Credit Union Features Community Art with Zen Glass Studio & Gallery

grow financial zen glass video

Although David Walker and Josh Poll started out just pursuing their passion, Zen Glass Studio and Gallery has grown into an integral part of the arts community in St. Petersburg, Florida.

“We’re 100% connected to our community,” Walker said. “If it wasn’t for the arts community in St. Petersburg, we wouldn’t be able to be here, especially with the promotions and markets and galleries and all those things. That has really built a community here and allowed artists like us to thrive.”


Zen Glass Stickers, mugs, clocks oh my!!

Go and see some of your favorite Zen Glass artwork on everyday products. Great looking mugs, stickers and tee shirts. Plus pillows, and leggings! Offering our glass art imagery on a slew of items on redbubble Ever wanted a Zen Glass clock? These are so cool!


Jolex Show Up in the Gallery & Available Online

Jolex Glass @ Zen Glass Studio & Gallery Jolex glass shared some knowledge to the students of his 2 day class “A Glassblower’s Guide to the Galaxy”. His very first solo show “Glassblower’s Guide to the Galaxy”, opened during Second Saturday Artwalk. Patrons were amazed at the almost 4 hour long demonstration.  The show will be featured the month of November.   You can view and purchase pieces from the…


Gift shop and Gallery at Zen Glass Studio

 We update our fine art Gallery and gift shop daily with fresh pieces from a multitude of artists. Zen glass studio is proud to represent work from owner-masters, renting artists, visiting teachers, alumni, and even apprenticed students throughout our collection. We boast an impressive range of diverse styles, subject matter, and functionality. We feature hand-blown glass from artists across the country in both the lampwork and hotshop style, so you are sure to find…


The Hotshop at Zen Glass Studio

Welcome to the Zen Glass Hotshop where Fire & Imagination meet! Join us at the studio for a workshop to get a deeper look into hotshop blown glass, a medium which has captivated artists and collectors alike for millennia.   Experience an art form that has traversed history: Be sure to check out his work and visit our site to learn more about workshops and classes. We offer Glassblower training classes, as…


Tyme Crushing with Cads Show Saturday October 1st.

  Zen Glass Gallery hosts Tyme from Philadelphia for his first solo show “Crushing with Cads” Featuring his signature full color functional foxes and collaborations with Zii, E.F. Norris and Mente to name a few.   Zen Glass Studio brought him in for a 2 day class, some of the pieces created in the class are also available in the gallery or online. Pieces are available on our secure website.  Follow…


Glass Hanging Gardens

Space is an issue with some gardens, here at Zen Glass we created an alternative to placing pots around your space, blown glass hanging vases. We make them with openings for cut flowers or cuttings to root, we even make them with drainage holes for orchid’s roots, so they aren’t sitting in water. With a little mono filament and loop over your curtain rod or tree branch, you can hang…


New Zii pieces available in the gallery

Zii creates very unique and gory sculptures in glass. She resides in Philadelphia, Pa and is among some of the most well known glass artists in the business. Her line of heart pendants are sought after and we were able to get our hands on a few of them! Zii glass art sculpture pendants available in our store online or shop in our St. Petersburg, FL gallery.