Need something to do on a cold day in St. Petersburg? Try glassblowing!

It doesn’t get cold in the Tampa Bay area very often, but when it does, the beaches aren’t as appealing as they usually are and visitors and Florida residents alike can turn to an indoor activity – like glassblowing in a warm, toasty space at Zen Glass Studio & Gallery. Zen Glass Studio’s workshops take as little as an hour and are great for guests with any level of artistic skill.

Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, Zen Glass Studio offers a variety of workshops and classes for children and adults – ages 6 and up are great! (It is fire, afterall, so younger than 6 is tricky!)

Adults may enjoy Zen Glass Studio’s make-your-own classes that include:


Pint glasses




Since our classes are small and artist-lead, inquisitive kids, shy tweens and moody teens will even enjoy make-your-own workshops for:




So, when the Florida weather gets chilly and the beaches are empty and you are looking for something to do in St. Petersburg, plan an escape to the warm hot shop at Zen Glass Studio where you can make a Florida glass souvenir to take home. You can sign up (sometimes same day) for workshops right here ( Dave, Josh, Austin and Alex will be waiting!