First Impressions Last

Greet your customers and patrons in an unforgettable way with a custom glass installation. Whether you’re looking for a subtle, intimate approach with delicate pieces or to make a bold statement with a large installation our artists have a wide range of skill and design experience. We partner with interior designers specialized in luxury living, and hospitality and restaurant design in order to create spectacular light-bending sculptures that will draw attention and add a unique presence to your commercial space.

Good design does not stop with a single work of art but is achieved with cohesion throughout, therefore we offer improved design packages that can be customized to include companion pieces to feature throughout your building, restaurant or community space.

Your Commercial Design:

-Free design consultation with knowledgeable and design-driven staff members

-Hand-blown in St. Petersburg, FL

-Custom colors and shape

-Sculpture, light fixture, water features and more


-Choice of base materials if desired and applicable

-Design packages available

Contact the Zen Glass team today for a free consultation.