pbs arta plus zen glass feature

In late 2019 early 2020 students from St. Petersburg College came to Zen Glass Studio & Gallery and started filming interviews plus live action shots of us working. They had a vision for what they wanted to see in the piece and from our perspective they nailed it to a tee! Thank you guys & great job! View a preview here https://www.pbs.org/video/episode-908-preview-cdhfly/

In this segment produced by the students at St. Petersburg College in partnership with WEDU, a glass blowing team in St. Petersburg, Florida shares their craft.

Aired: 04/09/20

Rating: NR

Major funding for WEDU Arts Plus is provided through the Greater Cincinnati Foundation by an arts-loving donor, who encourages others to support your PBS station, WEDU. Funding is also provided by the Pinellas Community Foundation, Giving Humanity a Helping Hand.

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