Glassblower Training Program

Commit to this and you will participate in one of the few programs in the nation teaching a well rounded education for flamework glass artists.  From glassblowing and sculpture techniques, to jewelry and figurative work you will lay the groundwork it takes to succeed in the studio glass market. With demonstrations we show you the technique you will practice to improve your art. Project driven classes give you an opportunity to use these techniques for a finished piece! Keeping a journal, following up informative tips, further internet research and book study presented in each class will open up the doors to a new world of flameworked glass art.
With a structured schedule and syllabus these classes are held for 15 weeks, meeting twice a week for 3 hours plus Friday is open day. We encourage you to work outside of your program, we offer torch rental at a discounted rate to all current students; $8.00/hr
Pricing is as follows;
$2500.00 for 15 weeks in the flameworking shop –
$250 Materials Fee includes – eye protection, graphite paddle, tweezers, tungsten, graphite rod, graphite plate and text book.
Saturdays and evenings available.
Call today to sign up!