Beginner Flameworking Class (9 hours)

In the beginner flameworking class you will learn the fundamentals of flameworked glass. Safety procedures, torch setup, an overview of tools and materials will all be covered in the beginning of class as well as within an information packet to review beforehand. The curriculum for the beginner class includes an assortment of projects such as bead making, pendants, marbles and solid sculpture. The class is split into three sessions, three hours each which can be arranged to fit into your schedule. The beginner flameworking class will give you the knowledge and experience you need to embark on your journey safely into flameworked glass art.  Upon completion of this course, you are invited to rent space at Zen Glass Studio, as well as purchase raw materials and tools from our shop. 

Practice shoulder-to-shoulder and learn from some of the best glass blowing artists in the region.


Beginner Flameworking Class:

-Three sessions, three hours each, nine hours total.

-Course info packet

-Instructors with 20+ years of experience

-Tools and materials provided

-Basic torch safety and set up

-Basic flameworking techniques for solid sculpture

-Opportunity to rent space upon completion

-Classes held in St. Petersburg, FL

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Also check out our beginner’s 2 hour intensive evening class every 3rd Thursday of the month from 6-8pm.

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