During our down time we have been reminiscing about how much we enjoy working with our local credit union Grow Financial Federal Union in St. Petersburg, Florida. Some time back they came and filmed this great little piece we wanted to share about our studio space, public workshops, our history, and a bit about each of us.

Here is some of the info they featured in the video

Although David Walker and Josh Poll started out just pursuing their passion, Zen Glass Studio and Gallery has grown into an integral part of the arts community in St. Petersburg, Florida.

“We’re 100% connected to our community,” Walker said. “If it wasn’t for the arts community in St. Petersburg, we wouldn’t be able to be here, especially with the promotions and markets and galleries and all those things. That has really built a community here and allowed artists like us to thrive.”

Zen Glass attracts customers and students to the area with beautiful art and exciting classes and workshops. Glass blowers with any skill level are welcome to come learn a new skill or develop a favorite hobby.

“People really respond positively to the workshops,” Poll said. “They take their pieces home and tell their friends and family about them, and then their friends and family come in.”

Word of mouth keeps people coming in the door, but Zen Glass isn’t a selfish endeavor. They found a unique way to give back through Operation Zen, a service program that encourages veterans to learn to express themselves in an artistic manner.

Visit the Grow Financial website for the whole post https://www.growfinancial.org/member-highlight/meet-zen-glass-studio/