Welcome to the Zen Glass Hotshop

where Fire & Imagination meet!

Join us at the studio for a workshop to get a deeper look into hotshop blown glass, a medium which has captivated artists and collectors alike for millennia.

Be sure to check out his work and visit our site to learn more about workshops and classesWe offer Glassblower training classes, as well as one-time workshops for one of the following options ornament, paperweight, vase or pint glass. Christian, one of Saint Petersburg’s premier hotshop artists, will only be available for workshops for a short time as he will be leaving us in 2018 to continue his glassblowing Journey in Asheville, so book your class now or call us, limited spots are filling up!

Hotshop workshop student forming shape

Glass frit is melted into molten gather

Give the magic gift of glass:

We are always updating our in-house gallery with incredible works of art for all budgets. From vases, paperweights, ornaments, and flowers to more ornate object d’art such as wall platters, accent pieces, and sculptures.  Invite the dynamic beauty of glass into your home, or give a unique and treasured gift.

For the one who has it all, a glassblowing workshop would be a novel and exciting experience.

What can I do if I’m not creative?

Well, first of all, we believe you are! Maybe you just don’t have the skillset or aren’t comfortable in the shop but you have an idea for a piece. You have a vision, but you’re not quite sure where to start. We offer free custom consultations on hotshop worked glass including interior accents, such as sconces, chandeliers, and sculptures. Email us at [email protected] to begin the creative process, and realize your designs.

Custom Interior Design

Custom Chandelier

Check out the video* below to see Christian Zvonik putting the finishing touches on a large vase form.