Since 2002 Zen Glass has opened its doors to fellow artists in the trade.  Providing a safe clean studio space for artists to create & explore the medium of glass is part our mission. Flame shop & hotshop rental available.  Please Contact Us for Hotshop rental.

Traveling and looking for studio space while on the road?  How about joining a community or artists for a spell to get out of your bubble?  Zen Glass Studio offers torch rental, bench rental, daily, weekly, & monthly rates.

Are you a beginner that needs a place to practice your skills but can’t invest in your own set-up right now? for $10/hr or $150 per week you can rent a torch, and bench space use our tools, kiln and protective eyewear, just bring your own glass and you are set to melt.

If you are seriously interested in becoming a glass artist, sign up for our “Beginner Class” and after day one you have the skills and confidence to rent a torch by the hour to practice your new skills.